ENS Piezodevices

ENS Piezodevices Information Materials and Device Technologies Engineering Ltd. (ENS Piezodevices Ltd.) is a research spin-off company that designs, develops, manufactures piezoelectric materials, devices and systems for underwater sonar, biomedical ultrasound and in-air actuator applications.

The company is specialized in niche products and services such as;

- Novel transducers with engineered frequency, directivity and underwater acoustic performance for harsh, demanding applications

- Piezoelectric ceramics with engineered microstructure

- Anisometric template powder particles with engineered morphology

- Lead based and lead-free piezoelectric ceramics with engineered compositions

- Project development and R&D consultancy

ENS Piezodevices Ltd. is committed to developing new technologies and providing innovative and custom engineered products.

The company uses in-house developed, patented processes to fabricate some of these products.

At ENS Piezodevices, we offer piezoelectric ceramic materials in various forms, compositions, morphologies and microstructures, such as:

- Ceramics in disk, ring, hollow shell, hollow and full fiber form

- Commercial PZT-derivatives, advanced lead-based and lead-free piezoelectric compositions

- Template particles with needle-like and plate-like morphologies

- Textured microstructures with anisotropic, single-crystal like properties in certain crystallographic directions.

We have in-house capability to synthesize our own compositions and manufacture our finished ceramics to the needs and requirements of our customers.